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2017 Archbishop's Annual Appeal - Donate Today
The 2017 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal is underwayl. The Appeal helps finance essential ministries of the Church throughout the archdiocese.
We met our goal in 2016 and hope to do it again this year. Please remember that it’s only a goal in the sense that it’s the amount we are expected to raise. If we come up short, we have to make it up out of parish funds. If we go over, we receive the overage back. This year we would like to reach our goal—not just in pledges but also in contributions—by the end of our current fiscal year, June 30, 2017.
Gifts of our Time, Talent and Treasure to Holy Spirit and our archdiocese are an important part of our commitment to Stewardship of God’s gifts. Those who contribute to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal provide critical resources necessary to continue the ministries and services of the archdiocese. Click here for an important message from Archbishop Gregory about this year's Appeal.
You may fill out a pledge card found in the pews or donate online. Please be sure to designate Holy Spirit as your parish. Al pledges must be fulfilled by December 30, 2017. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and support.