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Parish Drive to Benefit Centro

Following a harsh winter, it is time for Holy Spirit Parish to help Centro Católico replenish its Food Pantry. A number of specific Mexican staple food items along with a few personal care items are listed herein. Please place your bags in one of the Centro barrels - in the Narthex, or at entrance to McDonough Hall or inside the first set of double doors at entrance to HSCC Preschool. Lists are attached to the barrels. The drive will go through April 22nd. Best prices are available at Aldi and Dollar Tree:


Food Items:

· dried beans

· white rice

· canned tuna

· canned corn

· canned fruit

· sugar

· peanut butter

· spaghetti

· mayonnaise

· vegetable oil

· salt

· Maseca (Latino flour available at Aldi)


Personal Items: 

· toilet paper

· feminine hygiene products

· bath soap 


May blessings of the Easter season be with you for generously responding to the needs of our Mission community. You are truly answering God’s call to “Feed the Hungry.” Your gifts will need to sustain us until Thanksgiving, when our next semi-annual drive occurs.