Meet Our Core Team!!

Here at Holy Spirit our goal is to lead all of our teens into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. We have been successful at accomplishing this goal because of our core team responding to their baptismal call of spreading the gospel.


To be on the core team we ask only one thing- you love teenagers and want to see them in a relationship with Jesus Christ!


We have many spots for adults and older teens to serve:


- Core members who lead small groups and are in the trenches of weekly discipleship

- Core members who lead our hospitality at our teen Mass & Life Nights

- Core Members who set up food and cleanup

- Core members who support our Youth Ministers with administrative assistance


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Our Core Team

Michele Jackson

Michele recently relocated to Atlanta for a new job and believes that finding the Holy Spirit community was a gift from our Lord! She's the Director of Power Generation for a non-profit wholesale power provider to 49 cities and counties in GA, but she thinks learning to be a Catechist and working with the young men and women of our community is her real calling. Her favorite activities (besides participating in Catechism) is walking her very active dog Angie, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the great things Atlanta has to offer.

Brian Callan

Brian has lived in Atlanta and have been a member of Holy Spirit Catholic Church for 4 years. He isn’t originally from the south, very much the opposite he is from New York. Currently he works in risk management for Marriott International. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family, sightseeing and photography.His favorite sweet treat is chocolate!

Rebecca Schneider

Rebecca is a New York native that moved to Atlanta two years ago after finishing graduate school. When she’s not working as a nurse practitioner, she enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, and spending time with her husband. She is a member of the Young Adult Ministry at Holy Spirit and also loves being a part of Life Teen Core Team!

Mike Hubbard

Mike has been at Holy Spirit for 18 years! He has been married to Cynthia Hubbard for 24 years. When he isn’t at Holy Spirit Mike works doing Software Architect for Dell SecureWorks. He loves learning about and sharing his Catholic faith – especially love the Saints.

Norman Araya

Norma is a Costa Rican Cyber Security Analyst, moved to Georgia 1 year ago. He speaks Spanish, English and is currently learning French (oh la la!). He really enjoys music, food, riding his motorcycle and spending time with friends.

Brett Prylinski

Brett Prylinski and his wife Aubrey moved to Atlanta and joined Holy Spirit Parish in 2017. He works locally as Family Practice physician and also serves in the US Air Force National Guard as a flight surgeon. Inspired by his father and numerous Catholic mentors, he carries a passion for Catholic apologetics and hopes inspire others to enjoy learning more about their faith.

Vanessa Delvillar

Vanessa is a Tarheel that recently moved to Atlanta who loves babies and dogs. She also recently married her sweet man - now husband - at Holy Spirit! To relax, Vanessa likes to crochet and when she is happy she can't help but dance until she can't anymore!

Shannon Fitzgerald

Shannon is a Georgia native who has a strong passion for teaching and currently works as a bilingual educator at a local elementary school. She grew up in a strong, Catholic household with two loving parents and one amazing older brother who served as exemplary role models of how to live out the faith. She considers her family a true blessing!

Shannon went on to serve as part of the leadership team for Campus Catholics at Georgia College, and she also became involved with several Catholic ministries when she studied abroad for a semester in Lima, Peru. After graduating and transitioning to her adult life as a teacher, Shannon found the vibrant church community at Holy Spirit in Buckhead and has considered it "home" ever since! She wants to give back to her community and share her love and passion for the Catholic faith with young teens, in the hopes of providing them with the same life-changing experiences she once was given.