Our Gratitude to Those Who Have Pledged to the 2023 Tithing Campaign
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Grant Aasen
Sylvia and Joe Absi
Evelyn and Fred Achecar
Margaret and Scott Acker
Maria Adrian
Alba Adrian
Mariann Agate
Christine and Forrest Ainsworth
Amy and Robert Aldrich
Katie Alford
Keri and Robert Allen
Lallie and Tony Amon
Cristina and Clay Anderson
Michelle and Greg Anderson
Kelly and Mike Angelo
Patti and Jim Anhut
Teri and Christopher Anulewicz
Cathi and Ken Athaide
Fr. Tamiru Atraga

Toni Augustine
Carlos Azcorra-Valdez
Greg Baker
Joan Ball
Mark Banasihan
Tom Barness
Sharon and Brantley Barrow
Cathy and Cliff Barshay
Jenny and Todd Beauchamp
Shawn and David Bendig
Linda and Alan Benedict
Tracy and Jim Benedict
Carolyne and Ken Bernard
Clare Berry
Michelle and David Bertany
Bretaigne Black
Danielle and Jason Blake
Angel Bobel
Jackie and Jeff Bohling
Carol and Chuck Bolash

Sheila Bonner
Barbara and John Bourbonnais
Linda and Charlie Bradford
Nancy and Jim Braithwaite
Ave Bransford
Katie and Bill Brinkman
Cathy Bronson
Katie Brown
Karen and Tom Browning
Erin Bruce
Kristin and Bill Buhay
Julie Burch
Alexandra and Chris Burris
Alexa C'de Baca
Taylor and Josh Cabral
Sandi and Anthony Cabrera
Mary Jane and Michael Caldwell
Jim Calise
Sarah and Kevin Callaghan
Kathie Callahan

Brian Callan
Karen Campbell
Liana and Patrick Carey
Suzanne and Dave Carley
Margaret Carnley
Kettia Carrenard-Jasmin
Patricia and Jose Carrillo
Peggy and Steve Carroll
Katherine and Mike Carroll
Alyssa and Alan Carson
Diane and Charles Carstens
Mona Carter
Dede and Adolph Casal
Mary Catherine and Richard Cates
Karina and Frank Chauveau
Laura Ellen and Tom Christian
Meg Christman
Laura and Paul Cleary
Ellen and Stephen Cocks
Sue and Tim Coen

Lucy Cook
Jennifer and John Cooper
Carla and Paul Corley
Marcela and Bill Cormier
Isabel and Arturo Corso
Richard Crane
Sarah Cullen
Anne and Drew Cunningham
Kimberly and Russell Currie
Stephanie and David Cusimano
Pat and Tom Daly
Jaime and Mark Davis
Pat de Andrade
Mallory and Felix de Golian
Bibiana and Jean Paul De Santolo
Kelly and Glenn Dedeaux
Maureen and Stephen Demko
Cathy and Mark Demyanek
Laura and Dave Denning
Cheri and Donald Dennis

Aaron deSouza
Mireille Dessables
Marie deVenoge
Mary Ann Devine
Anita and Jim DiAndreth
Msgr. Dillon
Jean and Dan DiLuzio
Danie and Joe Dinardo
Joe Dinardo
Angie and Jim Dirr
Mesha and Earll Diva
Caroline Doelling
Kate and Tom Dolan
Jennifer and Mark Doller
Grant Doller
Amelia Doller
Michael Doller
Georganne Donnelly
Stephanie and Robert Donner
Nancy and Mike Doss
Our Gratitude to Those Who Have Pledged to the 2023 Tithing Campaign

Mindy and Curtis Doster
Margaret and Tillman Douglas
Christine Dudek
Julia and Patrick Dunham
Alejandra and Philip Dunphy
Ron Durst
Suzanne Economopoulos
Kathleen and Mark Eidson
Manuel Elkourie
Diane and Daryl Evans
Nancy and Jim Ewing
Mary Featherstone
Diane and Ed Festa
Barbara and Richard Finn
Maggie and Brooks Fischer
Skeet and Pat Fischer
Shannon Fitzgerald
Jennifer and Matt Flannery
Amanda Foutch
Helen and Tom Fraser

Roberta and Bill Frey
Marty Fry
Anne and Roland Fuentes
Nancy Fukushima
Catherine and Steve Fuss
Joann and Tom Gallagher
Maribelle and Manolo Gallego
Caroline and Jonathan Gallinaro
Gloria and Luis Galvez
Todd Gangell
Paige and Ramon Garcia
Teresa Garcia
Paula and Mark Garlen
Carly and Scott Garrett
Lorre and George Gaudiosi
Kathy and Dan Giannini
Andrea and David Gillispie
Janet Goodwin
Blair and Andrew Gowasack
Kerri and Jim Griggs

Margaret and Arthur Grigorian
Beverly Jo and Richard Grodzicki
Monica and Richard Grove
Gilda Guzman
Reenie and Terry Hall
Mimi and Art Halperin
Mickey and David Hammad
Mark Hammad
Jayne and Kent Hammond
Dana and James Hanna
Cindy Hannon
Caity Hanson
Judy and Chris Hardt
Naomi Harper
Kate Harris
Joan and Herky Harris
Kricket and Bryan Harrison
Terry and Bill Hartman
Maribeth and John Hartman
Sheila and Don Haskell

Tara Headd
Jeanne and Mike Heekin
Peggy and Steve Hellrung
Steve Hennessy
Lisa and Forrest Hibbard
Jim Hickey
Alex Hill
Frank Hill
Mari and Tucker Hobgood
Nancy and Bill Holland
Maryl Hook
Anne Marie and Chris Hooper
Shana Horan
Cindy and Mike Hubbard
Lisa and Jeffrey Huberty
Mary and Christopher Hyde
Carolyn and Chad Hyde
Mary and Terry Irrgang
Michele Jackson
Stephanie and Daniel Jacob

Grace Jacobi
Melissa and Mark Jagor
Pattie and Mark Jagor
Margaret and Gene James
Susan Jannetta
Susan Jenkins
Ann Johnson
Catie Johnson
Theresa and Brett Johnson
Carolyn and Neil Johnson
Cammie and Kris Jonczyk
J. Michael Jones
Willis Jones
Cindy and Michael Jones
Joann and Todd Jones
Koppany Jordan
Emiline and Roy Joseph
Amy and Dan Joy
Silvia Kaiser-Block
Trudie and Joe Keenan

Holly and Lee Kelley
Maura and Jim Kelly
Jinny and Michael Keough
Michel and Billy King
Wendy King
Jill Ann and Jody King
Sandy and Bob Kingdon
Shannon and Brad Kinzey
Laurie and Hank Klibanoff
Mary and Ed Konieczny
Pilar and Mike Kornegay
Kate and Matthew Krull
Judy Kuhn
Cheryle and Kevin Kuntz
Bridget and Andrew Kurt
Sandi Kuzman
Emily and David Labbe
Diane and Bruce LaBudde
Marie and Jack Lambremont
Susan Lanier
Our Gratitude to Those Who Have Pledged to the 2023 Tithing Campaign

Karen and Pat LaPlatney
Leanne and Jack Larkin
Kathy Leahy
Juliana and Ben Lee
Philip Lee
Isabel Lee
Dorothy and Forrest Leef
Khaki and Ray Lerer
Linda and Dave Leta
Jenn and Matt Leveille
Dale and George Levert
Judy and Sam Leveto
Katherine and Patrick Lewis
Angie and Tom Lewis
Jane and Al Lievano
Terri and Frank Lightmas
Bill Linkous
Karen Locascio
Rafal Los
Emma and Daniel Magree

Tisha and Michael Maley
Teresa and John Mann
Diane Marchi
Wendy and Chris Markham
Bibiana and John Marlar
Kaley Marr
Mayra Martinez
Mary and Juan Martinez
Norma Marto
Lisa and Nathan Mathieu
Jeff Matteson
Jana and Doug Matuszewski
Marko Maunula
Bonnie and Mel McAllister
Ania and Dan McBreen
Deacon Bill McCarthy
Nancy McCarty
Marie and Roger McCollum
Dolores and Johnny McCord
Aimee McDonald

John McEwen
Kristina and Andrew McGovern
Maxine and Jim McGrath
Lisa and Kelly McKenzie
Lyn and Phil McKenzie
Mary and Bill McKenzie
Gary McKillips
Shanalee and John McLaughlin
Jeri McNeilis
Erin and Robert Medina
Lynn and Peter Meenan
Sarah and Aaron Meffert
Lisa and Ken Menendez
Jeanne and Andrew Merdek
Dawn and Frank Mess
Erin and Bill Messer
Shannon and Robert Meyring
Ellen and Bill Miller
Carmen and Bert Mills
Alison Mimms

Deborah and Terry Minor
Sue and George Missbach
Jane Mitchell
Noreen Mitchell
Berthe and Shapour Mobasser
Suzanna and Steven Mocarski
Jenn and Phil Molner
Michelle and Frank Momodu
Heidi and Matt Mooney
Karen and Norman Moore
Jennifer and Brian Morell
Katherine and Eric Morgan
Andrea and Bryan Morris
Mara Morrison
Tricia and Nick Mulcare
Lynn Mullaney
Julia Murphy
Michele and Marc Musgrove
April and Phil Nagel
Mary Nagode

Monica and Joe Narciso
Sue and Bob Nardelli
Barb Nemeth
Jane and Jack Nichols
Lauran and Paul Nichols
Elizabeth and Phil Niverson
Rich O'Connell
Kelly and Tripp O'Connor
Dan O'Connor
Barbara and Marc O'Connor
Liza and Edward O'Hare
Katharine O'Hare
Cartha O'Hare
Jane and Garrett O'Malley
Lisa and Reggie O'Shields
Sarah and David Obermayer
Melissa and Steve Olsen
William Oppermann
Monica and Kurt Oppermann
Julie and Ken Ostrowski

Julie and Jeff Oyler
Marcia and John Palcher
Anna and Richard Pare
Anne and Gary Parker
JoAnn Passarelli
Xiomara and Francisco Pastor
Libby and Frank Peck
Jennifer and Steve Penn
Charlie Pero
Kathleen Perry
Elizabeth and An Pham
Viet Pham
Minerva and Charles Phillips
Lark and Dan Pompilio
Rosemary Poncinie
Alejandra Praddaude
Tracy and Scott Prather
Vivian and Jeff Proctor
Elena and Gil Puffer
Marli and Scott Quesinberry
Our Gratitude to Those Who Have Pledged to the 2023 Tithing Campaign

Patty and Sean Randall
Susan and Parker Ransom
Anita and Ed Rascoe
Rosi Ravelo
Julie and Mario Ravry
Yvette Ravry
Elizabeth and Thomas Reagan
Jordann and Leo Rebeiro
Lucille and Ted Reilly
Ashli and Stuart Richens
Jennifer and Kevin Richter
Anne and Michael Rieger
Wayne Robinson
Maureen and Rolando Rodriguez
Nadine Roland
Alba and Carlos Roman
Lisa and Chris Rosse
Dawn and Daniel Royal
Jan and John Ruane
Bob Salmon

Beth and Steve Samp
Paula and Serge Sautre
John Scarpa
Mary and Dan Schaefer
Allison and Kevin Schimmelmann
Joan and Rick Schlottmann
Barbara and Paul Schmidt
Priya and Randolph Schmidt
Kim and David Schulman
Terry and Bobby Schwartz
Nancy and Jared Schwartz
Dick Schweitzer
Diane and Earl Scott
Terry Scott
Racheal and Greg See
Susan and Ben Selman
Mark Sennett
Theresa and Manny Sequeira
Lynn and Rich Sghiatti
Evelyn and Abbas Shafizadeh

Jackie and Chris Sharp
Linda and John Shepherd
Helen and Bill Sherman
Sara and Ryan Sherman
Valerie and Rick Shevlin
Patty Simon
Christa and Brett Singleton
Michelle and Todd Sipos
Susie and David Skelton
Cathy Skowronski
Debbie and Ryan Slinkard
Barbara and Rob Smallwood
Lynn and Ray Smith
Dodie and Russ Snider
Loretto Sognier
Clarisa and Rodney Southworth
Mary Catherine and Joe St. Louis
Michelle Stanesic
Mary Robin Steinbrenner
Ashley and Chris Stenglein

Roz Stephenson
John Stokes
Rachael Stowell
Tricia and Greg Straessle
Julia and Nick Sturgis
Mary Sturkie
Peggy Sung
Kevin Sweeney
Joanne Tally
Elizabeth and Mario Tarallo
Tanya and Chad Theriot
Kathy Thompson
Maria and Greg Thompson
Caroline and Mark Thompson
Mary and Greg Thurman
Anne Tilly
Rosemary and Mike Tippett
Patty and Celso Torres
Fran and Cab Townsend
Midge Tracy

Francine Tria
Nicholas Triano
Terry Trout
Amy and Francisco Trujillo
Mike and Alex Turac
Patty and Bill Turpin
Loida and Deacon Allen Underwood
Maria and Jeff Uquillas
Anne and Jeff Utz
Janey and John Van Norden
Sherrie and Brian Van Oss
Judy and Armand Vari
Jo and Jim Vaughan
James Videau
Gisele and Joe Villazon
Jennifer and Vern Vincent
Karin and Albert Vita
Holly and Mauricio Vives
Mary Ellen and Ed Vollrath
Lee Vollrath

Katie and Kevin Von De Bur
Christi and Zach Walker
Jane and Mike Walsh
Lynn and Dan Warren
Midori and Andrew Wasielewski
Rachel Watson
Virginia and Todd Watson
Sue and Jeffrey Weiland
Anna and Abel Wen
Linda and Tom Wessels
Debbie and Phil Wheeler
Farish and Marc Wheeler
Rita White
Kristina and Ryan Wilhelm
Barbara and John Williams
Mary Chris and Hal Williams
Kimberly and Dan Wise
Dawn Worsfold
Christy and Alex Wulz
Julie and Daniel Yarrington
Our Gratitude to Those Who Have Pledged to the 2023 Tithing Campaign

Cecilia Young
Olivia and Sorin Zdrahal