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Take Up Your Cross: Tithing

Things are tight, right? Inflation is hurting your paycheck, the price of gas is still up, as are the costs of groceries. We get it. The church is not immune to the same effects. Yet our obligations continue. To keep the lights on, to provide classes and courses and ministries and more. Not to mention the AC. So we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting our Tithing campaign. We’re not asking you to give beyond your means. But we are asking you to give. As is God (remember “first fruits”?). Your contribution will pay dividends. Looking for a way to “Take Up Your Cross”? One way is to give to the Church. 

You may either pledge online or by picking up one of the pledge cards in the pews, filling it out, and returning it to the parish office, placing in the offertory basket, or handing to one of the clergy.