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COVID19 Information

A Message from Monsignor Dillon

The following outlines the procedures we will be following over the course of the next several weeks. The Archbishop’s permission says we “may” begin admitting people in limited numbers to Masses on weekends and weekdays. The church will continue to remain closed for other gatherings – including weddings and funerals - which involve more than 10 people.

Here is a link to a brief video (less than 5 minutes) from Archbishop Hartmayer which gives a good overview, and is very helpful.

We have developed out own video (above) to give you a picture of the protocols we will use. Here is the link for the video, and here is a link for a detailed document covering all the protocols which will be in place for attending Mass in person. Please note that the numbers will be limited. Our goal is to add, eventually, some additional attendance in overflow locations, such as McDonough Hall, and in the parking lot.

Above all, if you feel ill, please do not attempt to come to the church. If you have someone at home who is vulnerable, do not come to Church. The Archbishop has dispensed from the Sunday obligation through June and even suggests thinking about attending a weekday Mass instead of Saturday or Sunday.

Those who come to the church are an integral part of making it possible for some people to attend Mass in person. It is all contingent on each one of us doing our part, and respectfully caring for others. Many thanks for your cooperation in our efforts.

Msgr. Edward J. Dillon, J.C.D.

HSCC Protocols for Resuming In-Person Mass


  • In accord with current CDC and State guidelines, we can approximately 108 in our Church per Mass. If need be, people can sit in their cars in the parking lot and watch the Mass online. We may move to an overflow situation in McDonough Hall at some point. I will let you know when that happens.
  • To allow sufficient time to clean the church in between Masses, we are temporarily revising our weekend Mass schedule:
    Saturday Vigil: 5:30 p.m.
    Sunday: 9:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 5:30 p.m.


  • Face coverings are required on our campus and during Mass. You must bring your own; we will not have extras available.
  • We will have hand sanitizing stations at the Church entrances.
  • Do Not bring items that contain bleach – this damages the pews.
  • We will have a link to the Mass song sheets on the livestream page of the website. The song sheet will also contain the words to the St. Michael prayer. You will be asked to take it home with you, or put it in trash barrels after Mass.


  • Face coverings should be donned as soon as you exit your vehicle.
  • Arrive 20 minutes before Mass begins to await your turn to enter the church – maintaining proper social distance.
  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature greater than 99.6 will NOT be allowed to enter the church.
  • Members of our Ministry of Hospitality will seat your household together, escorting you to a space.
  • Every other pew will be roped off.
  • Depending on the size of your household, you may be sharing a pew with others. Social distance is required between those who do not live under the same roof.
  • There will be no seating in the Narthex, side transepts or Bride’s Room. The balcony may or may not be used.
  • The holy water fonts will be empty.


  • Masses will be conducted as you have seen on the livestream with the addition of only a few volunteer lay ministers (elite servers, lectors, EMs and choir members).
  • Please keep your face covering on throughout the Mass.
  • There is to be no physical contact between different households at the Sign of Peace or hand holding during the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Baskets will not be passed during the offertory. You may place your weekly gift in a basket as you go to Communion.


  • We are all in this together, so to protect our clergy and ministers, you are asked NOT to request Communion on the tongue.
  • The precious blood will not be offered to the congregation.
  • Use of personal hand sanitizer before Communion is strongly encouraged.
  • Parishioners will exit the pews from the side aisles (NOT the center aisle) for Communion. Ministers of Hospitality will assist.
  • Maintain 6ft. between households at all times.
  • Face coverings will be worn in the Communion line. After the priest gives you the Host, step to the side please, uncover your mouth to put the Host in there You can re-mask as you return to your pew.
  • Return to your pew via the center aisle. Use the full width of the aisle so you main maintain appropriate distance at all times.
  • If McDonough Hall is used, Communion will be distributed there. Please remain in your seats until directed to Communion stations.
  • If the parking lot is used, please exit your car. There will be a tent for the Extraordinary Ministers, so you will be able to see readily where Communion is being distributed. Please maintain a safe distance and follow the directions of the Hospitality Ministers.


  • After the final blessing, and conclusion of the recessional hymn, parishioners must remain in their pew.
  • Ministers of Hospitality will assist in the exit process. Pews will be dismissed by way of the side aisles, starting in the front of the church and working toward the back. Those on the left front, will be directed to the exist stairs that go directly to the parking lot.
  • You must exit your pew when prompted by our Ministers of Hospitality. Private prayer is not an option in the Church after Sunday Masses. We need to get the church cleaned and reset for the next Mass.
  • All able-bodied parishioners are encouraged to use the stairs when exiting the church. We will utilize the staircase near the baptismal chapel and the two side aisle doors for departure. Click here to view a map with exit routes indicated. Please reserve the elevators for those who need that assistance.
  • Clergy will NOT shake hands with you as you arrive or depart.
  • Please do not congregate outside but head directly to your vehicle to allow the next Mass to start on time.


  • We will continue to implement sanitization practices, including cleaning pews between every Mass.
  • Disinfecting bathrooms, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces occur throughout the day.
  • Parish staff will be required to wear face masks, wash hands, and will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
You are reminded to follow CDC recommendations regarding your own health. If you fall into an “at risk” category, please stay home and join us by Livestream.

Thank you for taking time to review our new safety protocols. We are all in this together, and the safety and wellbeing of our parishioners, staff and clergy is our utmost priority. We look forward to having you back at Holy Spirit in the near future – whenever you feel comfortable returning.

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