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To Reserve a Room at Holy Spirit

Many of our parishioners and members of our parish ministries use the meeting rooms at Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Holy Spirit Preparatory School to host meetings and events. If you need to reserve a room, please contact Samantha Zavala at 404-252-4513 x228. Parish ministry leaders may make room reservations for their ministries up to a year in advance. All other appropriate outside groups may reserve meeting space six months in advance. Please fill out the reservation form below and fax, e-mail, or leave in the church office.


Holy Spirit Prep faculty / staff should contact MaryLu Valek concerning requests at 678-904-2811.


Parishioners needing to reserve rooms for a wedding or larger event, please contact Samantha Zavala at 404-252-4513 x228 regarding fees and other important information.


Please note that all who use the rooms are asked to ensure that they are neat and tidy after their event. Trash should be taken to the dumpster.